Light X-SLIM®


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TALIKA Light X-SLIM® includes: TALIKA Light X-SLIM® Electric Socket (Power Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.3A; Power Output: 5V, 1000mA) TALIKA Light X-SLIM® Technologies: The slimming and skin-regenerating solution combines three wavelengths to eradicate bulges and cellulite. Invisible Infrared Light: biocompatible and penetrates deep down to open the pores of fat cells and drain lymphatic system to remove fat. Also stimulates collagen production and promotes smooth fascia. Visible Light at Wavelength 630: produces an anti-inflammatory action. It firms skin and acts against the orange skin effect. Ultrasound Wave & Massage: ultrasound micro-massages, drains and promotes anti-oedema action. It breaks down fat cells and reduces toxins. Also, ultrasound helps penetrate Slim Serum®’s active ingredients much deeper, reducing even more fat cells. Benefits: Breaks down fat deposits. Boosts micro-circulation. Improves skin tone. Features: Groundbreaking “zero-button” technology: automatically activates on contact with skin Small, high-tech device allows you to conduct slimming beauty care at home Ultra-flat design for ergonomic grip and futuristic, eye-catching shape No heat, burning, redness Suitable area: Face (only cheeks and chin) Belly Waist Thighs Buttocks Underarms
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