Radiance Transforming Mask

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Size 3.3oz, 100ml

EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask has the following features: An intensive treatment, skin looks renewed, supple and radiant immediately after use. A natural AHA extracted from the precious Australian caviar lime, Lime Pearlâ„¢, is a gentle and effective exfoliate to remove the buildup of debris and promote natural cell turnover. Skin looks and feels firmer and plumper from the combination of an antioxidant rich botanical oil and a plant-derived amino acid. Oxygenation of the skin is improved with nutrient rich, regenerative micro algae extract, and a unique mineral complex protects from free radicals and oxidative stressors. Upon removal, the mask becomes a soothing milky rinse, revealing youthful glowing skin. Skin is left hydrated for up to 6 hours after use when washed off after 30 minutes. Remain hydrated for up to 72 hours when used overnight skin.
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