Skin Treatment Lotion

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Galactolift Skin Treatment Lotion has the following features: This highly effective lotion contains 97% Galactomyces, which helps strengthen and rebuild the skin’s protective barrier for fair, radiant and supple skin like a beautiful actress. Penetrates deep into the skin to solves daily skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, dullness, and sagginess, bringing visible beauty effect. Like a droplet of liquid jewel, it invigorates the skin and soul of women with a comfortable sensation. Free of Yeast odor after repeated testing and improvement. 350ml extra-large size for generous application on skin. 7 major skin benefits: Strengthening: regulates skin and accelerates skin’s renewal power Moisturizing: hydrates deep layers of the skin Firming: refines skin texture and increases skin's elasticity Brightening: restores brightness to dull skin Soothing: repairs skin damages after sun burn Rebalancing: regulates sebum secretion and keep skin refreshed Gentle formula: strengthens the protective barrier of sensitive skin Added with 4 powerful ingredients: Matrixyl 3000: an anti-aging peptide with micro particles which penetrate easily into the skin, promoting metabolism, reducing wrinkles and firming saggy skin : also known as cream, it inhibits the secretion of substances which form expression lines Hyaluronic acid: provides abundant moisture not only for the surface of skin, but also the stratum corneum to create suppleness from within Allantoin: extracted from snail slime, this anti-inflammatory ingredient helps improve skin texture, calms rashes and acne, promotes skin regeneration and prevents pigmentation
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