Repletion Vitalizing Serum

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Size 1 oz 30 ml

Cosme Decorte AQ MW Repletion Vitalizing Serum is a lifting and aging care serum that is infused with the newly developed Stemrise iPG ingredient (based on research on Pro Genitor cells) to give skin a youthful radiance. It creates resilient skin that springs back against your finger. It also helps to raise skin density from within, delivering a firmness-filled ""lift"" to promote suppler and smoother skin. Cosme Decorte AQ MW Repletion Vitalizing Serum focuses on the wide array of skin issues related with environmental factors and aging, such as loss of sheen and firmness, pores, uneven skin texture and fine wrinkles. The other ingredients of AQMW, Mucinsome and Double Peptides, work quickly to address skin issues caused by external environment, bringing a radiant translucency to the skin.
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