Jill Stuart

Crystal Lucent Face Powder SPF20 / PA++

#1 Natural

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Jill Stuart Crystal Lucent Face Powder SPF20 / PA++ has the following features: Spreads lightly for fine and close coverage, leading to a bright, translucent finish and a pure, healthily flushed look. Covers pores and uneven areas of skin without any white residue. White powder derived by 3 primary colors of light (red, green and blue), and a perfectly pitched pink nuance create a RGBP power, creating a radiant finish from within. Richly formulated with Amino Acid Powder (for coverage & moisture) to blend meltingly into the skin, providing a moisturized finish that lasts for a long time. Lipid Absorption Powder absorbs excess facial oils. Features Swarovski rhinestone on the compact design. SPF20 / PA++ protection. 01 Natural: A natural beige that blends perfectly into your skin 02 Lucent: Cold pastel colors that draw out translucency 04 Pure: Light pink beige, providing pure translucency
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