Eyebrow Brush

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容量 1 pc

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ADDICTION Beauty Eyebrow Brush has the following features:

  • Achieve flawless eyebrows effortlessly with this top-notch Eyebrow Brush. Designed with a uniquely wide cut, this brush offers the precision you need to craft a sharp or natural look, catering to your personal style preferences.
  • The bristles on our brush are specially crafted to catch even the finest eyebrow hairs with ease, allowing for seamless application and blending. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle look or a more defined finish, this eyebrow brush has got you covered.
  • Drawing sharp lines has never been easier. It provides you with full control and versatility. Simply change the angle to effortlessly create crisp, precise strokes.
  • The wide design of the brush also enables you to easily draw eyebrow ends, making it a must-have tool for achieving flawless arches.

Pick up appropriate amount of (eyebrow) powder with your eyebrow brush, and after removing any extra powder on the back of your hand, apply in the direction of your eyebrows.